Nursing College

The Nursing College provides education and training of Post Basic B.Sc. (Nursing). It is a two years course. Students are eligible for admission after passing R.N.R.M.

Post Basic B.Sc. (Nursing) in affiliation with Gujarat University.

Approved by Gujarat Nursing Council and Indian Nursing Council.


As such the nursing profession, along with the development in medical field by way of research and technological advancements, has radically changed. It is no longer immediately comparable with Florence Nightangle’s legacy, but is evolved as a science that involves the whole of patients mind, body and spirit, promotes his spiritual, mental and physical health by teaching and example, stresses health education, health preservation and ministering to the sick, involves the care of the patient, of environment, social, spiritual and physical, gives health care to the family, community as well as the individual.

The Institute has further received approval for starting post graduation diploma course of Critical Care Nursing.

The training of Nurses is provided at Rajasthan Hospitals.